About Cornerstone Christian Institute

"With Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.” Ephesians 2:20

Cornerstone Christian School

The story of Cornerstone Christian School is the story of prayer and listening and obedience. It is the story of taking steps of faith and a story of celebration.  It is the story of nothing standing between Jesus and the children and His words to us, “Feed My Lambs”. This was echoed over and over and then came the details of this vision, start overseas schools, provide a Biblically based and rigorous academic education for children, and feed them both physically and spiritually. As we prayed, God gave the pattern and design, and He told us to open twelve schools each one funded by donations and gifts and completely free for the students.  He began to speak countries to us, Malawi, Guatemala, El Salvador, India.

Malawi started with a conversation in July of 2015 with Trevor and Kasey Otto, missionaries to Malawi. The Lord gave the design of the school in Blantyre and the school started as a preschool through kindergarten in a local neighborhood, teaching 54 children from clay brick homes, precious children learning their letters and numbers and having a nutritious meal daily. The children play with toys and turn the pages of books, laughing and learning, and gather in a circle to begin their day with singing and earnest prayer. 

Guatemala was launched in 2022 and quickly grew to be the biggest overseas school.  God sent us Marina, an industrious and Godly woman, trained in ministry and leadership. Housed in a small hotel in the city center, the school is known for its academic excellence and musical training. Each class begins its day with prayer and Bible teaching and then music and worship is added into the school day. Happy children enjoy lunch along with the teachers!

El Salvador was a walk of obedience that came from the bold statement from the Lord, “You think India is your next school. It is El Salvador” and within four months, Paty and Sam were beginning the work to open the school. Serving as the directors, God blessed them with a precious daughter and the land and buildings were found in the response to the Lord’s instruction, “Go to the land of sweet water” with the property next to the Sugar Cane River.  The school is housed in a complex built in a community known for gang violence and poverty and each student is a beautiful gift from the Lord. 

India was started with the story of two sisters who had such a heart for the poor in the villages of West Bengal that they started a small business of selling used clothing to help fund schooling for the children.  Now Rosie and Rheka are the directors of the school, educating each child in Biblical Truth and academic excellence. The children enjoy a beautiful campus with a soccer field and sit as a family to each a delicious and nutritious lunch prepared by the caretaker’s wife. 

Cornerstone Christian School has been called and kept for the Lord’s plans and purposes in this community, our nation, and our world. This mission and vision includes the call to a walk of obedience and faith. This obedience and faith will result in a Godly influence on our community, our nation, and our world- for His Glory!

The clear purpose of Cornerstone Christian School is to help our students understand that all truth is God’s Truth, that we are called to live in obedience to His Word in all aspects of life. CCS teaches a love for God’s Word with a comprehensive Biblical worldview and believes that academic excellence must be central and for God’s Glory. With the premise that all truth is God’s Truth, the CCS academic standard will be one of excellence and commitment to the Truth of God’s Word.

 “….with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.” Ephesians 2:20

Cornerstone Christian Institute:

"Unleashing (God is not contained) the Lord of the Harvest by equipping DISCIPLES globally."

Cornerstone Christian Institute is a non-denominational organization that exists to reach the world by training missionaries, establishing ministry sites, and making disciples to advance ministry networks and global connections in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Key Functions of CCI:

1. Online discipleship education and equipping. CCI provides free world-class online training to missionaries and students globally.


2. Worship expression and production. CCI cultivates worship experiences that will welcome the presence of God to transform lives.


Cornerstone Christian Institute is housed under the non-profit CCS Inc. (Cornerstone Christian School)

CCI will provide free online discipleship education and training to its missional-student, cultivating a global family who welcomes and abides in the presence of God through a lifestyle of worship.

CCI is distinct in that we gladly provide world-class discipleship education and training online, for free! Each missional-student will be thoroughly equipped throughout the coursework administered by leaders from all over the globe.

Our worship expression and production will champion a lifestyle that focuses on abiding in the presence of God. We recognize that He is our Source of righteous living and aim to glorify His name in decision that we encourage.

This free online education and training comprises of a variety of excellent core and elective courses. Our lecturers will provide training that is life-impacting and will empower our missional-students to share the same love God gave to the world.

Our team is excited to partner with God in this journey. Would you consider partnering with us? There are several ways to get involved: intercessory prayer, volunteer leader, missional-student enrollment, financial support, resourceful donations, and more. 

Romans 10:14-15

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15 And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!